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04-26-20 / Testimony / Carl Viard
04-26-20 / Testimony / Carl Viard
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04-19-20 / Testimony / Madison
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Do you have an outreach specific idea to share? Tell us! Click the email button above or submit your ideas to testimonies@cfchurch.us.


  • Deliver donations to essential workers in hospitals, etc. Sign up to be a Project Front Line Volunteer Driver:

  • Sew masks for hospice/nursing homes:

  • Invite to online services:

    • Email, facebook, etc.

  • Create care packages for neighbors.

  • Offer to get neighbors groceries.

  • Place encouraging signs on your windows or on your lawn for neighbors as they pass by.

  • Sidewalk chalk:

    • Bible verses

    • Words of encouragement

  • PADS:

  • Ask for PRAYER requests from your neighbors, co-workers, essential workers, etc.

    • Tell them your church will pray for them.