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SU 4.19 | 7PM | Worship & Prayer Kickoff
M 4.20 thru TH 4.30 | Prayer Watch One-Hour Time Slots

We are inviting all of you to a “drive-in” at our church parking lot Sunday, April 19, for the Prayer Watch Kickoff. We are, also, inviting you individually or by household to participate in the following 11 days of the Prayer Watch. We believe we have a safe opportunity to pray on location but in our vehicles. Dependent on weather, we will have live worship to kick off this year’s Prayer Watch in the parking lot or livestream.

Following the Kickoff, we are asking you to sign up to pray for the church in this challenging season. We believe that God is going to use these recent events to equip the church for Kingdom impact. We will broadcast the Prayer Watch schedule and, again, invite you to pray in the parking lot or in your homes during your scheduled time. As always, you are invited to pray at any time during the Prayer Watch.

Sign up above for Prayer Watch time slots!