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Shiloh Church is a community where people find healing and hope in Jesus Christ. Equipped by Holy Spirit, they are empowered to walk in their true identity and fulfill the mission God has for them on earth.


Shiloh is a church of people who are passionate to follow Jesus and discover the calling of God on their life.

Why Shiloh Church?

It has been said that a name describes us, it does not define us, and we have sensed the Holy Spirit calling us by a new name. He is sharpening the focus of our calling and putting words to the fresh move of the Spirit, leading us to change our name from Christian Fellowship Church to Shiloh Church. More than ever, we, as leaders, are seeing how important our assignment is to equip the body in the power of His Spirit. Supernatural gifts are given not only as a means of ministering within the church, but also as power to reach the world with the gospel.


As a community, God is calling us higher in obeying the Great Commission, to make disciples who then reach others for Jesus.

But you will receive power
when the Holy Spirit
comes on you; and you will be my witnesses

ACTS 1:8a

Shiloh has a prophetic history for our church from our founding pastor, Wayne Gabbert. In 1987, as he was driving by our current property, the Holy Spirit urged him to stop and walk. In his words, here is what happened:

Several years before I retired from the ministry as a pastor of Christian Fellowship Church, my wife Diane and I were on our way to church, I had an unction to pull off the highway and go into a field area to pray.


As I entered the field there was remnant of old field stone walls belonging to what looked to be a small building. As a young boy working on a farm we had the hard job of picking up the field stones turned over from plowing, carrying them to a pile for future usage, such as buildings, fences, and to help clear the fields for future plowing.


As I walked around these old walls, asking the Lord why I was called to this place, I almost walked into a weed covered cistern that was about four feet deep and two and a half feet wide. This finding will play a very important part in the distant future.


I knelt down, placed my hands on a standing wall and said,  “Lord I know not why I am here, but I know that this place is as Shiloh and I consecrate it in your name and to your purposes. Amen!”


Went back to the car and shared with Diane what had transpired and continued on to church.

Shiloh was the city in the promised land that the tabernacle, God’s presence, was established (Joshua 18:1). It is a messianic term which means “whose is the kingdom” which now, because the Holy Spirit dwells in you, is descriptive of you – and, collectively our community. As you walk through each day, may you remember that you are Shiloh, the one to whom the kingdom belongs.

Father may your Kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, through your body Shiloh Church!


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